How I Got Around During My Trip to Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands may not be the largest archipelagos in the world, but it isn’t small when it comes to people or things to do. I soon found that getting around wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, by learning a few tricks about travel I was able to find the easiest methods of moving quickly and cheaply through Hawaii itself and the other islands.

I found that taxis are often not regulated by the state, so prices can vary depending on the driver. So renting cars is often the best way to get from the airport to a hotel. Rental cars can often take people around the entire island, and the drivers can also stop and help introduce you to the sites and then the locals around.


The island of Oahu has a huge bus system and the public transpiration can take people anywhere they want to go without the worry about parking and other traffic, or the big fees of long distance travels. For a simple bus fee, I could go anywhere and do anything I wanted too.

Oahu also has a trolley called Waikiki, which can make stops at all the attractions and give a hop on/off tour in order for you to see the attractions at your own pace. Other trolleys included double-decker buses and open-air trollies that take people down four different routes.

I also did quite a lot of walking and hiking turning my time on the islands, but to transition from one island to the other, I did need some air travel.

For that, I turned to Hawaiian airlines, which could quickly fly me from island to island and I even got to ride in a helicopter. The helicopter managed to get me out to places a plane or a car couldn’t go, and the experience of the flight was amazing to behold. Sightseeing from the air and circling over islands, the volcano, and so many other sights.


Finally, for the last portion of my trip, I went via ferry for one hour from the islands of Maui and Lanai, and watching the water flow (despite a small bout of seasickness) only added to the grand adventure. Sadly, I didn’t see any of the humpback whales the trip is famous for, but it was still fun.

Then the island of Lanai itself was breathtaking to explore, with everything from jeeps to horses being available to ride as I explored to my heart’s content.

The exploration of Hawaii’s islands is easily an adventure on its own when you take the numerous options of exploration into account, to say nothing of all the things there are to do and see when you actually get to your destination.

I’d recommend building time into the trips to just focus on travel and not get so focused on the destination, but instead care about the journey itself. Hopefully, you find the experience of the travel from one island to the other as exciting and as fun as I did.

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