Hidden Gems Across Hawaii


If playing enough video games have taught me anything, it’s that exploration rewards those who seek out and find. Hawaii is no different, and some gems are so secret that only the locals know about them. However, with some guidance and luck, these gems can become known to you too.

The Ka’u Desert

This isn’t the pristine sandy and white desert you think of when the term is used, but it is just as inhospitable. Located on the big island of Hawaii, the desert collects gravel, volcanic ash, and sand along with dried lava and it almost looks like a multicolored gravel pathway.

While it stands in stark contrast to the rest of Hawaii’s beauty, it is beautiful and foreign in its own way, and even has some sights to see if you’re prepared enough to explore it.

Big Island Bees

I found out about Hawaii’s bee farm and had to go there myself to take a look at the almost 4,000 hives that make some of the best pure and organic honey that Hawaii is known for, along with honey mustard, candles, and even soap!


Almost 200 million bees live on the farm with about 500 bees in a large case, and the farm has paid tours and a free museum to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about bees, beekeeping, or how honey is made.

Kauai’s Fern Grotto

This cave was carved out by lava, and over time has allowed dozens of Hawaiian plant species the ability to grow there, with the namesake ferns even growing upside down. It’s reachable by boat and then by kayak, so like all beautiful things it requires work, but the sights are stunning.

The sounds are also pretty good too, and often your tour guides will play songs and tell stories as the trip goes on, to complement the natural acoustics of the forest. Then a walk takes you up to the grotto where the calm and peaceful sight awaits your feasting eyes.


Kukaniloko Birthing Stones

These two large stones are simply sitting in the middle of nowhere in a sugarcane field on Oahu, but they hold more significance than just their randomness. A high chief’s son was born there, and soon afterwards the area was marked off for royal birthing and royal women would be taken there to give birth.

It was believed that the local priests saw that the life force was strong in the location and then the chief ordered the stones to be brought there, and whether the legends of their aid in birthing are true or not, it’s still interesting nonetheless and the area is sacred to locals.

With just these three hidden gems I was able to make my trip worthwhile and learn a lot more about the people whose home I was visiting. I was then able to take away a much deeper satisfaction from my journey and resolved to come back to Hawaii and learn about the other hidden gems I had yet to find.

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